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Happy Birthday Miss Muffet! You are very beautiful and lovely!
I wish you are better, Jude!


Hey, how good to see you!! God luck with the dentist.


So you've come out from behind the wheelbarrow in the distance. Good to see you. Those teeth look fine from here, but you have my empathy with the root canal therapy. Been there done that. If I remember correctly having that done was when I became addicted to codeine. The antibiotics worked well enough; but the codeine really helped!!


I've been there, done that too, and I hope not to again. I have joined the longtooth clan; and I am trying hard to keep all of mine in my mouth. It isn't easy, since I was not introduced to dental floss until I was about 20. Glad you're feeling better!


I hit publish too soon; I meant to mention how cute MM is. Please congratulate her for me on mastering the art of candle-blowing!


So which one are you in the photo?


You better take better care of those teeth or you'll have to change your blog name to "Ruthless and Toothless".

Miss Muffet's a cutie!


Beautiful child and the cake (and the grandmamma) look great too...I hope you don't mind me asking you, but re: 'out and about', where is your hinterland? I thought you were in the SE Qld one.


There are two SE Qld Hinterlands. I'm in the Gold Coast Hinterland - south of Brisbane. The Sunshine Coast one is north. The term Hinterland is widely used by the respective Councils to differentiate between the coastal strips and the more rural inland areas. I cling to being a 'Hinterlander' to avoid the tacky sounding 'Gold Coaster' - no gold chains and white capri pants for me!

Ronni Bennett

I fully appreciate your choosing "Hinterlander" over "Gold Coaster," Jude. And it's nice to get a closeup view of you at last.

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