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I don't know, but I've learned one thing already today. A Google search on "weird tupperware" turns up a lot of porn links.


I'm sure the one on the left is a container for Juiced Cat.


The right one is obviously for storing hard-boiled ostrich egg.


Oh Pat, how could you actually spell the word out! Now all the deviants looking for weird 'you-know-what' will end up at my blog.

Tj - you need to be careful making reference to juiced cats. In Korea this is what they call the concoction they make by boiling cats ALIVE with selected herbs. The resultant "cat juice" is believed to be a cure for arthritis, amongst other assorted ailments.


Anna, it would have to be an emu egg here. The size is about right, too.

Meanwhile my husband has just informed me that he has known all along what those two things were - Daleks! Not being a Dr Who fan, I needed clarification. I'll see what my grandson thinks on that one.


I'm sorry about spelling it out. I didn't think. Still, do a Google Image search on Dalek and you'll find at least one pretty risque image there. What is it with people? And I have Moderate Safe Search left on.


Hey Pat, you weren't meant to take that seriously! But I have been amazed at the way a Google search will actually ferret out a word or phrase that only came up as a comment on a blog. In fact I would expect that if I did a search on "c*t juice" right now, it would zero in on my comment above.

Roberta S

I think you might as well take potato salad in the larger to a party and dip in the other. Don't retrieve them. The legacy they will then have is one is for salads the other for dip and before long they will show up on e-Bay or Google with function and purpose.


Good suggestion, Roberta. I'll resort to it eventually if necessary. Meanwhile I have several friends and family members working on the problem and need to give them some more time.


Mystery Solved
At first my mind wouldn't go past kitchen gadgets or Big Bird's egg cup, but it seems Tu**erware has gone to every room in the house! Listed on Tu**erware's 42 pages on ebay I found the 'Bud and Bin'. Noted as very, very rare No doubt much in demand, but asking price is only AU $12 Great for the bathroon or little people's room. Now, if I had these essentials given to me, I would have known immediately how to use them!

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