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Account Deleted

Ah, yes, I've noticed that. And, I've also noticed that they only ever dial 3 or 4 numbers - not 8 or 10 as you would need to do for many phone calls in Australia!!

I guess the old style dialling (or dialing) took up too much film footage, and that style of filmmaking has been carried over into the DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) age.


Today I was calling a repairman to come to the house. My daughter is going to be home for him. She lives upstairs so it was logical to give him her number. I had to go up and get it. I don't know it. It's partly because all the numbers are in memory in one phone or another.

adriana bliss

Ha! So true. Reminds me of all those "conveniences" in film such as, how a character always finds a parking spot right in front of their destination? Or how they always pay a bill with an exact amount of cash immediately available without any digging around in a wallet or purse?

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