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Well, I don't know about grumpy and old. It depends, I guess. I loved menopause for that, though. I was a grumpy middle-aged woman. I frightened people. It was great. I got a lot of things straightened out during that time. My hormones have calmed down and I don't think I'm especially grumpy - but not truly old yet either. Some people are permanently afraid to mess with me, in no small part because of those unpredictable years.

Crabby Old Lady

Crabby Old Lady is laughing out loud. She'll check out that Health Report and let you know what she thinks.

Oh, and she's grateful too for the information on the Grumpy Old Women show. They shoulda invited her - Crabby sounds like she's a much more interesting old lady that the ones they chose.


Oh dear, apart from the fact that I'd never say 'cheerio', I seem to be there already!

This kind of thing makes me glad I got rid of the TV. Whilst I find several of he named culprits intelligent and funny, I prefer them individually to en masse and the grumpy-type humour to be incidental rather than the whole object of the programme.

(I'm assiduously ignoring the single women and their cats thing. I can rise above it).




The word struth (or struthe) is more commonly seen with the spelling 'strewth'. It's an exclamation, or an interjection - or may even be used as an expletive. Its origin from the 19th C is an abbreviation of the words 'God's truth'. Fairly uncommon now, but I remember my father and his contemporaries using it frequently in the 1950s and 60s. At that time though, it was not a nice word for a lady to use.

Account Deleted

Blood oath, cobber. I reckon you hit on the same explanation for Pablo as I would give. Now where is that Dictionary of Strine?

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