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Sounds like it could be worth retraining as an Emergency Vet!

But then I don't much like cats.

Ronni Bennett

I swear, Jude, you write more about cats than anything else :-)


Yes, very odd. I swear, if you don't stop it I'm going to start posting cat stories, just for you Jude!


It's true, Jude. You're a cat blogger. Or maybe the anti-cat blogger. Either way, it's a lot about cats.

I have to get my cat photos onto this new machine just for you. :)


Jude, Here's some ammunition. By the way, you only ever said you would not publish cat photos.,,8122-826557_1,00.html


Thank you all, folks. But you keep posting on your cats and I'll keep catapulting my comments - in order to maintain a bit of balance.


Yes, Tj, I read that amazing Times article when another blogger made reference to it. But as with the allergies, it seems that that cat owners just don't want to know about any health risks. I note that it was written in 2003. Would be interesting to know whether there has been any more recent research.

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