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I have always thought of white sugar as a manufactured item, invented with the use of English capital, and marketed using similar techniques to that used to promote tobacco.

Give it up.

Aboriginal people knew it not, and lived here circa 70,000 years.

It's a sweet invention, like the Frisbee, but not necessary for life.

It has had passing use as a preservative; but the rest of its benefits are hype.


Oh how I identify with this. Currently haven't had any sugar for five days, and boy do I have withdrawal symptoms (motivating rather than not to realise just how hooked I am).

You could pickle a few lemons for later use in Moroccan dishes - with chickpeas, coriander, cumin (which I believe you like) yumm...

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Adriana Bliss has a post about lemons today too. I think you'll love it:


You are right Tj - but I never saw any benefit in sugar apart from it tasting good. As a medico I am sure you would advise against too much salt too - (as in the lime pickle you so love).

Are you still off the sugar Jean? In these difficult days for Londoners I am sure life would need a little sweetness. I am avoiding reading the anti-sugar book and succumbed to the home-made lime marmalade again this morning. Waiting for some will-power to kick in.

The pickle idea is a good one - we already have lime pickle underway but I have a good lemon recipe I should try. With all my jam making I am running out of jars and cupboard space - and even people to eat it. The kids of today don't eat bread 'n jam like we used to.


Thanks Richard, I did enjoy that post. Adriana's is a good blog and I should get there more often.


Yup, I'm still off the sugar, and losing weight I think. At home today because my employers told us not to come in unless essential, I heard an Italian cook on the radio say that she mixes a little grated lemon rind in her mashed potato.


My husband introduced me to a mid-eastern treat: pickled lemons. Now I can't live without them. No sugar involved but plenty of pucker.


Thanks for all the suggestions for my lemons. Am running with the pickles (with minced lemons, not whole) so will let you know. Presume you are talking about whole ones, Suzette. Does your husband have a recipe?

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