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Hi Jude. My mother favoured pawpaw. We had several trees when I was growing up.

One way of stopping bruising while picking the fruit, is to nail an empty tin can to the top of your pole with a single nail. The nail goes through just below the top rim. Depending on the size of your fruit you might need to use a can up to the size used for Bulk Supply. You know the kind I mean: those commonly used for supplying lashings of beetroot or spaghetti for Sunday School Picnics.

With a bit of a jiggle the ripe fruit ends up "in the bag", and you can lower the pole with gravity swinging the can vertically and safely all the way to the ground.

It can be a one person job too!


Up here in the States, especially in my great state of Missouri, we also have a fruiting tree called a paw paw, but it is different from yours. Ours also has fruits that the birds will go after, and they are fruits that bruise easily. This is why the tree was never developed commercially. I've not yet found a paw paw on my wooded land at Roundrock, but I'm always looking.


Thanks for the tip, Tj. The time has come for the construction of a picking tin. We've also been told that if you lop the top half of the tree off it will sprout again lower down. At this stage not game to try that one.

Have heard about the very different American pawpaw, Pablo. Because of the confusion there is a push here now from horticulturalists to call our fruit by its botanic name, 'papaya' - but old habits die hard!

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