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Well, of course, there are differences between American English and British English, so I suppose there might be differences from Aussie English as well, but all of the examples you give are howlers, so maybe we're not so different after all.

Another apostrophe error that riles me is when we abbreviate years. As I understand it, the apostrophe is supposed to stand in for the removed letters. Thus "do not" becomes "don't".

But "the 1980s" somehow gets punctuated as "the 80's". Technically, it should be "the '80s". At least according to most style guides here in the U.S. What do you do with this Down Under?


I must admit to having referred to the 60's, 80's etc, despite having a niggling concern about the correctness. Now I've consulted my Style Manual (Australian Govt Publishing Service publication) and this is what it has to say under the heading 'Periods of Time':

"...spans of years should be expressed in the following forms: ...the 1960s - NOT the 'sixties, the 1960's, the ' 60s OR the nineteen-sixties."

So in Australia even your option has been declared incorrect. Glad you brought that one up though, as it has now been put to rest in my mind. Not that the general public gives tuppence about it anyway.


Thought you might enjoy the Guardian's Style Guide apostrophe entry, especially the cartoon.,5817,184844,00.html

I share your irritation. Among the worst offender's over here are market stall's - all labelled up with apostrophised plurals - plum's etc.

I'm very glad to find you (through a just-discovered link you made to one of my posts).


Thanks for that Anna. I loved the cartoon. Will forward the link to our Mrs Collins, who is still a little dubious about where she should be wearing her apostrophe.


Just a short note to say what a great site you have.
I think it is an absolute "wonderment".

Please feel free to correct my lack of, or excess of apostrophie's'"?!!)

Its been my understanding that, for instance Michael Moores'= his Minutemen, his bike ,his car etc.
Michael Moore's = Plural of Michael Moore

And of course my site is made up of "copy and paste" of other peoples articles you dont think that someone with my ability to "misplace apostrophies" so well could also write that good.

Thanks for your support it is appreciated.

I would ask you or any of your readers if you have the time to select a few examples of my worst sins, c & p same and then correct them so I can see where I am in error, that would be great.

Yours faithfully,
God Bless the Coalition of the Willing.

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