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I think what happened is that someone had a sale on apostrophes, and too many people thought it was a good deal. Now they're stuck with closets full of the damned things and try to use them whenever they think they can. Fool's'!

Richard Lawrence Cohen

What's' wrong with us'ing apostrophe's?

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Just found the best new use of apostrophes: the word "it" spelled "i't." On a site devoted to secret techniques for video games.


I wonder why "its", as in "The UN has its problems", does not have a trailing possessive ap_o_strofe?

Why is it not: "The UN has its' problems." along the lines of "The Collins' have problems with the use of apostrophes."

Why not "The cat has its' problems."

My guess is that it is some kind of singular/plural discrimination that should be wiped out immediately.

Account Deleted

Ah, I understand. Too tuckered out from a day with the genetic dissemination?

Hope it was all that I would wish for myself.

Had two contacts with my own progeny today - both successful. J wanted me to cook French Onion Soup tonight.

Easy, I said - not having done it before.

It's a two hour recipe!!!

But, Great with some French stick bread and Gorgonzola on the side.

For some reason Coles drops the price of their "blue fermenting cheeses" as they approach the Use By Date, and at the same time increase their desirability.

It's a winner for a bargain hunter like me!

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