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You mean you're buying cat food for the kookaburras? It must be very embarrassing for you to have the check-out person assume you're a cat owner.

Great photo. I have never known what they looked like, and had no idea they were part of the kingfisher family.


Honestly, it wouldn't bother me a bit if you were feeding actual cats to the birds. I think that sounds like a sensible solution to the problem of domesticus felinus. In fact, I'd gladly provide a cat for your larder.

Are your kookaburras underground cavity nesters? or do they build nests in tree branches?


It has always struck me as odd that the iconic Australian bird, the kookaburra, is not to be found here in the Red Centre near the iconic Great Red Rock. Kangaroos and emus, yes; but not the bushman's alarm clock.

(Is that apostrophe in the right spot?)

Ronni Bennett

"Cat meat." Glad you cleared that up, Jude :-)


These birds nest in hollows in trees, Pablo. They particularly like old termite nests. For several years this family nested in a hollowed out termite nest in a tall eucalypt just beyond our boundary. We could watch them feeding their young and teaching them to fly. Alas, 2 years ago the nest came down in a storm, but they evidently found somewhere else.

Maybe no kookaburras, but what about other kingfishers in the Centre, Tj? My reference says you should have the red-backed kingfisher and possibly 'vagrant' sacred kingfishers. What is the bird-life like at Poeppel's Corner ????


You're right about the presence of other kingfishers. The one I see most often is the Sacred Kingfisher - I'll have to get my books out to see about the red-backed kingfisher.

Didn't make it to Poeppel Corner this time - though I have been there before. Rain on this side made access to the desert hazardous. There is a great-grey-clay-basin on the western side of the Simpson which, when wet, sucks vehicles into it.

Of course birdlife on the Poeppel Corner side can be quite varied and numerous, especially in the vicinity of Birdsville!


They do look like they should be related, don't they? Those big heads and beaks. Cool birds.

I've only seen Kookaburras once (in a pet store believe it or not)... but they are a lot louder than Kingfishers!

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