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Ah, Byron Bay. I remember it circa 1954 when the whaling station was still operating. What a pong there was in the air. The light house was still operating as well. I was impressed by the tons and tons of mercury on which the light floated. A nifty way to provide an almost frictonless level bearing for a very heavy object.

The presence of the whaling station at Byron meant that I only ever saw whales once as I was growing up at Hervey Bay. So many whales were killed near Byron on the way north to their breeding grounds that it was a rarity to see them in Hervey Bay.

How things have changed. Now there is a different pong in the air at Byron and there are whales galore in Hervey Bay!!


My Byron memories don't go back as far as yours, but I've seen a lot of changes never-the-less. Traffic these days is rather horrific, and there is a move from some of the residents in the more exclusive parts to have holiday rentals banned to keep the hoi polloi confined to the touristy end of town.
(An early lunch break today in the Alice? Perhaps it would be a good time to get back to blogging some of the interesting features of your environs - and other areas back of BOURKE - note sp.!)


It's a joke...I live in Burke Street!

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