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Jude, you're always blogging about cats! Every time I look at your 'recent posts' list there are at least two cat-related items. You even had one that wasn't actually about cats but had cat in the title. I think all this reading of blogs by cat-lovers has got to you... Now me, I adore my cat but I don't do cat-blogging.


Jean has said what I was going to say! You're cat-obsessed!


I'm with you Jude. You're not obsessed by cats. It's just that Toxoplasma gondii gets you going.


Thank you TJ, for leaping to my defence - and providing the name of the relevant parasite. I do try hard to be tolerant where the cats of family and friends are concerned. On Saturday it was disappointing, but I was understanding, when a friend of 40 years couldn't join us for reunion lunch because of her sick cat. I have just now emailed to enquire of its health. Hopefully, (barring some catastrophe) this will be the end of cat posts for a while.


My daughter J pointed out that cat posts will not leave you alone for some time.

She burst out laughing when she read your

(barring some CAT-astrophe)!

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