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Yet it still looks remarkably like a cat photo!

Next you'll be discussing the Bush Administration under the guise of the Presbyterian Burning Bush icon!

I'm worried by this slippage.


I had a cat that did that. She just picked it up herself. It was kind of disturbing at first. She never did learn to flush.


Ok, you've gotten me out of the woodwork (or cat litter).

I pondered the litter kwitter matter last night and at $80-150 a pop, I didn't think it was such a great economic investment for three cats (you forgot Otty, but he is quite elusive). All my cats are old, so at best, I calculate they might have a combined total of 15 cat years left in them. Add to this the possibility of aged cat losing its balance and falling in the toilet.

Also, you may not want to hear this next bit, but all my cats, past and present, have always poo'd over the shower plughole if the litter tray was full.

Somehow, I'm not convinced of the hygiene of sharing a toilet seat with little cat feet, tho...and the cat in _meet the parents_ flushed!


Interesting topic! I suppose it's good to know there are a few clean and clever toilet trained cats out there - but I've heard nothing to persuade me to change the cat free status of my home. Can't see that sharing the shower is any more hygienic than sharing the toilet. Yuck - I think that is quite enough on cats' scats. Meanwhile, I regret the temporary slippage and this blog will henceforth revert to its cat free format.

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