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A man who cooks is a wonderful thing. My husband's a great guy in many ways, but he's never learned to cook anything. It's not one of my great interests, but I do it out of necessity. One of my worries about the things you've been so kind as to follow in my blog is that despite having insulin dependent diabetes, if I'm not home for dinner, he'll eat cereal or something and make himself sick.

One of my to-dos in my next life is to make sure any spouse that I happen to have cooks.


Jeez Jude...sounds like you're about to start a mememe on who owns the largest number of cook-books! I started to make a computerized data base of my recipes but have reverted to the old method of cooking-stained bits of paper stuffed into an old note pad. Much more flavour that way; and if ever the food runs out I should be able to eat the recipes!!

The proliferation of cook books really is amazing. I love the photography in them now. You can drool over the pictures and forget to eat! Australian cooking has certainly come a long way. I threaten to write my biography titled "I remember when garlic first came to Maryborough..."

And on that note I might just duck down to the EastSide Shops where one can buy a frozen genuine kangaroo tail complete with fur still on it...they make a great waddy if you don't get round to cooking them.


It's never too late for him to take an interest in cooking, Pat. My brother-in-law, recently retired and in his 60's, has just taken up cooking and is loving it. He's been tackling one new dish at a time, and once he's mastered that, moves on to another. These days there are so many male role models cooking on TV.

You are right about the cook books, TJ, the pictures are often the biggest motivation to buy them. BTW, I tried your dum aloo recipe. Even went out and bought the coffee grinder specially. It turned out well, although I think I prefer it with sweet potato - cooks up mushier.

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