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Richard Lawrence Cohen

I'd probably liek to read WILD SWANS, judging from the title alone.

That first question is poorly worded -- needs more explanation. Fahrenheit 451 is about a future in which books are banned. but there's an underground cult of dissenters who preserve books by memorizing them. So the question means, "What one book would you choose to preserve by memorizing it?"


I have seen this meme before on other blogs but never understood the first question until now. Now that I understand it, I think I'd go with "Dr Dan the Bandage Man" - all 20 pages of it!


Welcome back to the blogosphere, Tj. Now that you have been giving it some thought, I think you should tackle the reading meme as well. I would have passed the stick to you earlier, but it seemed that you had gone into retirement there for a while. So see if you can beat El to the draw now, with your list.


Richard - yes do check out Wild Swans. It's non-fiction of course - a personal historical view of events in China's 20th century history. All the reviews and several personal recommendations have been very impressive. The book was banned for sale in China when I was last there - not sure about now.

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