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When I was a kid there was a light in the dining room of my grandparents house called a Pilot Light. The house was High Blocked - that is, it was on stilts, in the Queensland fasion.

The Pilot Light came on whenever the single incandescent globe underneath the house was turned on by a switch in the dining room. The Pilot Light was a reminder to turn the switch off on returning upstairs.

A while back I got interested in fluorescent bulb technology. Part of my reading brought me to the subject of solar powered low voltage battery systems for powering 8 Watt fluorescent bulbs inside houses in remote areas in developing countries. For the first time I came across the notion of orientation lighting. This is where small low energy Light Emitting Diodes are set up near doorways and in corners of rooms to orient dwellers in the dark, when the 8W fluoroscent lights were off.

I thought - I don't need Orientation Lighting - I've got red and green LEDs lighting up every room!

However, I do look at my glowing friends somewhat differently these days.

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