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Reminded to visit by your latest comment chez Richard!

Do you like caipirinhas? Most morish cocktail ever in my book. Recipe at


Sounds like an expensive and rather deadly way to get through a spare bucket of limes! Never having been on the cocktail circuit, this is a new one on me. To start with, even the pronunciation of caipirinha looks rather tricky -does it rhyme with 'ballerina'? Can't see our local bottle shop being able to produce a bottle of cacha├ža either. Perhaps we can come up with an Aussie version. I'll work on it.


I was never on the cocktail circuite either, I assure you! I was once in Brazil, though, on a hot and harrassed day that eventually - still working at midnight - became my birthday, celebrated with quite a few caipirinhas. Most memorable (well it must have been, the birthday was my 32nd and I'm still remembering it)! Vodka would work ok, or rum, and it doesn't have to be in lethal quantities. The lime and a little sugar and a dash of alcohol together is really wonderful.

ps all-night work in Brazil was organising a conference - nothing exotic!


pss pronounced kypeereenya


Lime juice, sugar, alcohol.

? "Pickled Lime Juice"

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