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I think that is a beautiful plant, although not one I have seen very often. I have been enjoying your site, it's full of lots of interesting topics. Thanks.


Nice plant! I'm always interested in learning about herbal uses of native plants, but don't normally try them out myself... my husband starts talking about stomach pumps and such whenever I bring it up!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel I should warn you that there may be a few cat pictures in the future though. :)


Hi - I've been investigating claims that orthosiphon aristatus can flush out fats from the body, thereby losing 1-2 lbs every other day. Pretty big claim. So far there is no corroborating study or info regarding that use of the plant but there are many citations of being used for kidney stones and urinary tract infections/flushing.

I would be interested in anyone that has cuttings to sell or trade. I live in Central California and have a very pretty variegated willow "bush" (10-15 ft) that is easy to root cuttings from which I could trade. I have three right now. Let me know! Thanks.


Hi D, Those claims do sound rather too good to be true! Re the cuttings - too complicated for me to send from here, but I am sure you will find some nearer to home. In any case, it is winter here and I have just cut my plants right back in readiness, I hope, for a nice spring flowering.

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