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This is mine. Oh dear. (from a book of interviews with the Italian writer Natalia Ginzburg that I picked up in a clearance sale)

"That is, they are too close to incommunicability; they are alienated characters in some way, with history, without epos; they are just that, noncommunicative."

I suppose the point of this is that it takes your mind somewhere completely random and unexpected and different. Yes.


Here are two of mine that I am currently reading:
Amos Oz: A Tale of Love and Darkness:
"The stone walls reflected the moonlight back up into the branches in a pale, skeletal glow."

... and, Erik Sigsgaard: Scolding:
"In this view, a partial adjustment in the form of public focus on scolding, is bound to set up a process that will eventually lead to a genuine culture change unless it is stopped."

Hmm ... I wonder ...

Richard Lawrence Cohen

"Give me my children." -- Saul Bellow, SEIZE THE DAY



'Learning to say no! is certainly helpful in reducing busyness'
'JUST THE TEN OF US' by Margaret Rohan Kelly, mother of eight and a former 'Miss Australia' dealing with the challenges of life in middle years.
I'm going to use the No word more often.


Hi all!

I can't be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don't have anything to say recently.



Hi all!

I am really excited. This will be my first time visiting, good work. Good stuff. :-)..!


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