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Jude, I have noticed a weird phenomenon here. Temperatures have dropped and autumn/winter begins - yet some plants are behaving as if it is spring. There is a new spurt of growth on quite a few of the bushes in my front and back yard. We have had no rain to speak of since May 2004, yet growth spurts are occurring. I know this has nothing to do with wedding plans; but it was prompted by your previous post. Tj


I've never lived anywhere where there have been clear-cut seasons, so have no expectations for different times of the year. We have an eclectic range of plants in the garden so always seem to have something in flower. Right now it's hibiscus and tibouchina, plus ixora, euphorbia, cat's whiskers and carnations and a range of pelargoniums and herbs. Today it is a delightful 26 deg and we have had a few showers, so can't complain about that.

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