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Jude, Saw your comment on Elsewhere's site, and wondered how you got to find both of us in the Alice?


Don't worry - I worked it out!


I wonder? Actually it's elementary dear tj - I found Elsie first at Typepad's Recent Updates site - and she linked to you. I was looking for people who were living off the beaten track and thinking a bit outside the square. As reading goes, you are rather a dead loss at present. Any plans to update?


Sorry, the muse has taken a vacation...leaving me in a blue funk, and I refuse to commence taking antidepressants.

Ah, so El's Blog was the connecting link. I thought it might have been the other way around, and that you had read one of her comments on my blog, and used that link to hers.

By the way, I don't concur with your use of 'concur' does not concur, but two do.

That's about all I'm up to writing at the moment. Once again, my apologies, Tj.

PS Maybe I should blog about depression?


This is a bit of a worry. You bring to mind the text of the old punctuation exercise: 'woman without her man is nothing'. Which of course becomes: 'Woman - without her, man is nothing!'

A post on the subject of men's utter dependence upon women would be good.

BTW, thanks for the correction re 'concur'. I should have written 'conclude'.

Look after yourself - and don't go down any Rivkin tracks.

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